Who else can offer Smokefree Support?

Most PHOs (primary health organisations), GP Practices and Medical Centres have a practice nurse or other staff that can help people to become smokefree. Generally these services are free if you are a patient. Contact your local PHO or medical centre and ask them about their quit smoking services.

Please click on this link to find the free stop smoking services available in Auckland. In addition, there are other services including:


Breakfree is a programme designed to provide stop smoking support for people with a lived experience of mental illness and/or addictions, their whanau, and staff who work in the Mental Health and Addiction sectors. 

To contact Breakfree services email: Breakfree "at" pathways.co.nz

The Quit Group (Quitline)

  • Free telephone advice, text service and quit blog support

  • Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) provided

  • Phone 0800 778 778, visit www.quit.org.nz or www.txt2quit.org.nz

The Quitbus CMDHB

 The Quitbus WDHB